Holly Danger is a motion graphic designer, video editor and live-performance video artist based in Stamford, CT.  By day she is the full-time Creative Director for Gartner’s video department, Studio 56, and by night, she is the owner and curator of the Danger Gallery.

The foundation of Danger’s work stems from an early obsession with typography and graphic design from 1960′s PRINT magazines. As her work evolved through her career, it has expanded from printed works to motion graphics and from video editing to video performance.  

Most of her work aims to explore the relationship between art and music and to use them to create experiential environments. Danger uses a variety of analog and digital techniques to achieve vibrant textures in her work while maintaining a graphic sensibility overall. In both her printed works and video projects you’ll find a multidisciplinary approach using mixed-media collage, ripped paper, graphics, animation, vinyl records, wood and resin.

In the last few years Danger has been honored in receiving art grants for her video installations from City Canvases in Bridgeport and the LAMP Festival in New Haven, CT. Her animated video, “Soul Seasons” recently won, “Most Innovative”, at the Digital Graffiti Festival in Alys Beach, FL.

Danger has performed live video art shows across the country in rock venues, clubs, galleries and museums. Most notable has been the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC, The “A” Gallery in Martha’s Vineyard, Miscelanea in Barcelona, Spain, The Mutek Festival in Montreal, Canada, SXSW in Austin, TX, in the desert at Burning Man and locally in CT at Franklin Street Works and the Factory Underground.



Please email me at hollydanger@gmail.com to request hi-res photos, videos, bios and other press materials you may need for your publication.



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