A Beautiful Spectacle



Hey guys! Coming this Wednesday night is my first VJ performance of the new year! I’ll be performing at the Beautiful Spectacle show, presented by The FC Beat Magazine!

I am performing with The Moon, an audio/visual project created by musician Jeff Schram that incorporates acoustic music, digital manipulation, vocals, and my live visual projections.

I’ve been craving adventure and traveling (as I do nearly everyday of my life!!), and as a result I’ve put together a set that will take you all on a visual journey into magical abstract landscapes, starry nights and secret underwater worlds, all synchronized with Jeff’s musical soundscape.

We will be going on around 7:30pm, but the whole event is from 6-10p and there are dozens of amazing people, performances, visual art, music & drinks to keep you busy throughout!  We are very much looking forward to it and to meeting new folks too.

Please join us and come by to say hello!