Chrysalis at Starwood


Just a quick update to say thanks to all of you who came out to Lorenz Studios last weekend for the Chrysalis Dome fundraiser. Saturday night was a beautiful night with 6 projectors running in the front of the dome, live band and djs. This weekend we’ll be taking her to the Starwood festival in Sherman NY, outside of Erie PA. I’ll be driving 7 hours tomorrow morning with friends, camping, and computer gear in tow!

I expect that I’ll be projecting video for the next 4 days on the dome! Much much photo & video will be sorted through and posted here in the next week. Then it’s time to prepare for Monkeytown with Kodomo, Thursday August 6th, 8:30PM!!  

Thats all I have time for, for now!  Struggling to finish editing for the night at the day job. Then movie trailer graphic revisions. Then VJ editing. Then packing gear. Then a stop at Trader Joes to fill my coolers…  Don’t know which direction to go in first. Full report upon return!  

Pray to the rain gods and please ask them to hold off on any precipitation until next week!!