Grand Opening of the Danger Gallery


Hi Friends!  It has been quite a few months since I last posted on this blog because I have dedicated myself and every free moment towards building the Danger Gallery that I spoke about earlier this year. Please join us for our grand opening exhibit, “Friends + Lovers” next weekend. Opening reception with the artists will be held on Saturday, October 22nd, from 7-9PM, located at the Danger Gallery in the Glenbrook Industrial Park at 652 Glenbrook Road in Stamford, CT.

The show, which opens with a celebration on Saturday, October 22, will feature work in a range of media by Toby Goodshank (illustrator and former member of the indie rock band Moldy Peaches), Adam Ace (landscape photographer), Mark Andreas (kinetic sculptor), Cris Dam (painter), Ruben Marroquin (fiber artist and weaver) Ben Quesnel (mixed-media artist), Liz Squillace (screen printer and mural artist), and Holly Danger (video artist). Indie folk duo The Moon will present a live musical and visual performance.

The gallery’s debut show, “FRIENDS+LOVERS” is a story of gratitude. It symbolizes the gratitude we feel for all the people and experiences that have helped shape us into who we are today. Considering the overwhelming fact that we could have been alive at any point in history, we are extremely lucky to share the same timeline of life. This show is a celebration of friends, both in person and in spirit, who have helped make the Danger Gallery a reality today.


The Danger Gallery’s mission is to promote artists and musicians through interdisciplinary, multimedia exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops, shaped by its dynamic, future-looking curatorial practice. Echoing the gallery’s name, the primary focus will be showcasing artwork that is unconventional, provocative, contemporary visual and graphic art, video installations, and live music performances. The Danger Gallery is a place where artists and art enthusiasts can be inspired by each other, expand their ideas, meet potential collaborators, and add vibrance to our creative community.

If you can’t make it to the gallery for our opening, don’t worry! While the gallery will only be open to appointments after the opening, we will be scheduling many smaller public events, talks and workshops which will give you the chance to come by and see the show. All artwork will be available for purchase at the show and will be exhibited until the show’s close on December 22nd.

Blood & Sweat



What does it take to be “great” or even “one of the greats?  Does getting to that point have a time limit? Is it ageless?  Is it intrinsic or fated? Or do you have to give your blood and sweat to visit the depths of your soul in order to reach?

Most people that I’ve gravitate towards in life have some sort of inner ignition. A wildly-invisible force that drives them deep into their core to the raw, ugly-beautiful center and know how to show it to the world. I like being around people like this because it keeps me aiming higher. I feed off that kind of energy. Everyone has this thing but not everyone chooses to activate it. Or maybe we don’t always know what it is or how to do it.

When you do know it, that passion is electric and you can see it visibly through a person’s eyes. It  breathes through us, and it’s the stuff that gives us life, energy and motivation.

Personally I feel like I’m floating sometimes. Suspended isolation. Those reflective moments of being thousands of feet in the air while there is a whole other world going on down below. (Or perhaps I just feel that way because I’m literally writing these words from an airplane in route from London to NYC after a sleepless, whirlwind trip. Which, by the way, are the best kind.)  It’s not that I feel that I’m in a different realm separating myself from everyone else, though I do function in my own time zone, but I don’t always know what drives me. I don’t always feel like I have an ultimate destination in mind and I wonder why not. What path am I on?

“There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job’.” – Whiplash

I think too much sometimes and possibly even talk myself out of pursuing certain things because it’s so easy to take the comfortable road. Yeah, it sucks to admit it. You know, the decisions you make that lead you down a smart and logical route of contentment. However I also have that other side of me that is a completely adventurous vagabond who can’t help but go the opposite direction from the normal paths in life that society says we should do and be.

In my heart of hearts, the thing that I love most is traveling, passion and depth in people, places, memories and experiences. After all, isn’t that what our lives are all about?  A collection of memories, stories and flashbacks?  Art and writing have been my expression of this for as long as I can remember but I still crave to unearth what is deeper. What am I not doing that would take me further?

Thoughts like this rattle around in my head all the time and I only just thought to talk about it tonight because I just finished watching the film Whiplash on this 7 hour flight. Probably one of the most fantastic mainstream movies I’ve seen in ages. It’s the story of a young drummer with more passion than most people could ever understand. And the heart of the story lies in having someone to drive them and push them past their own expectations of themselves, while also excruciatingly being emotionally and psychologically bullied past their limits.

When the film ended it left me somewhere between crying my eyes out and total elation. What does it take to feel so strongly about something?  Anything?  Where does that passion come from and how do you tap into it? I felt something when I watched that because it reached me. I connected with the feeling and I wanted more of it.

I often find myself complaining about long computer hours, sleep deprivation and my own disappointment for continuing to work for ‘the man’. But something tells me that it has a limited timeline in the spectrum of my life, because I intrinsically need more to breathe and expand. Life lessons learned from yoga.  If you make space you will inevitably move into it.

I’m going to continue my mental yoga for awhile on this topic and see where it leads me. But I’ve realized that I haven’t given enough blood and sweat and I‘d like to open my mind and step in. I don’t know if it’s enough to push yourself or be pushed by someone better than you, but I’m curious about it for no other reason than to feel connected and start to produce more work that matters. I’m all in.

Artwalk, Studios & World Domination



Hey guys… I have some news!  I’m ridiculously excited to say that after two long years of having my studio packed up in boxes and stored in a spare room in my attic apartment….

I have finally found my new studio!!!!!!!!

I never saw this one coming, but I have decided to buy a place with a dedicated loft, which will be the new permanent home for the Danger studio!! Gasp! Crazy right?! As a stereotypical sagittarian who is bad with finances and permanence, this is certainly the largest purchase of my life. (The next will be my dream of owning a VJ van… more on that later!)

I have been super busy packing up my beloved multi-colored apartment that I’ve lived in for over 10 years and am getting ready to kick into the next journey. I’ll be moving at the end of July and really could not be happier. This also means that I will not be taking on any additional freelance projects until August/September, once I am settled into the new studio. Lately all I’ve been doing is nothing but juggling the day job, mortgage paperwork and ArtWalk preparations – but now that the Artwalk is over I can really focus on packing up and moving out.

Speaking of which, thanks so much to everyone who dropped by to see me and support my video and print work at the Stamford Artwalk.  If you missed it, the next time you find yourself on Bedford Street, you can still catch my art exhibit on display at Lorca until the end of August.

Lorca Artwalk

The very last of my Danger t-shirts are on sale there as well. There are only 8 left and will probably not be made again after they are gone. I plan on creating a whole new line this year to replace them.

If you are interested in checking out or purchasing any of the prints that I was selling outside during Artwalk, please check out my etsy shop. For an extra 10% off, use coupon code SUMMER until August 1st. All proceeds will be supporting the new studio!!

We had a blast, setting up multiple video projectors downtown Stamford at the Palace Theater on Friday and on the side of the library on Bedford Street on Saturday night!  Check out a few photos that were captured in action below. It all worked out so well that conversations have already begun spinning ideas on how we can continue bringing this type of work to downtown throughout the summer. Stay tuned!

Here is a shot of my animation “Soul Seasons” on the Palace Theater.

Soul Seasons_Palace_Artwalk

Here is a shot of our projection on the library on Bedford Street. Photo by Michael Lupinacci.


Below is a snapshot from the Stamford Artwalk during our first year of projections in 2013. Photo by Distilled Minds.

Downtown Stamford Artwalk

Next up, I’ll be heading to one of my favorite cities, for my yearly respite to Portland, Oregon. I’ll be a first time attendee at the World Domination Summit. It’s a conference for creative entrepreneurs of all kinds and showcases a ton of my inspirational heros. I’m desperately in need of a recharge and there is no better place, in my opinion, than Portland, my creative haven soulmate city! Feel free to connect with me out there if you are in the area or at the event!   I’ll be out there from July 10th-July 15th and I can’t wait to have Mt Hood in the visible distance again!!!


Happy Spring!


Warmer weather and sunny days are upon us and I’m getting excited for participating in more craft fairs and events as the weeks roll on. I was reading Etsy for some inspiration this morning and thought it would be fun to answer some questions that were featured when they were portraying one of their artists. So here is a little self-portrait exercise that I decided to put together on life in and out of the studio. Enjoy!


3rd Ward Handmade Holiday Craft Fair


Hey guys, if you are in or around Brooklyn on Saturday, December 10th, please stop by 3rd Ward‘s annual Handmade Holiday Craft Fair. This is my first year as a vendor and I am excited to be sharing a table with my good friend and creator of HerbanLuxehandmade organic cosmetics. I will be displaying my new line of Dangerwall art, prints, resin jewelry and screen print tshirts.It will be a warehouse full of unique items and great holiday sales by many different local artists. Come check it out, visit us and say hi!

Here are the event details from 3rd Ward:

Friends don’t give friends bad gifts! Get your lists ready for the 5th Annual 3rd Ward Handmade Holiday Craft Fair, an extravaganza of beautiful, clever, never-before-seen gift items for your friends, family and while you’re at it you!

Come browse all types of creative handmade gifts including jewelry, bags, housewares, paper goods, toys, clothing, winter essentials, culinary treats, and much more! Plus stay warm and merry with live music, DJs, cheap seasonal cocktails, and some quirky surprises. This is one craft fair you won’t want to miss.

Saturday, December 10th
Noon to 6 pm
195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY
FREE admission

Debut of The Moon


Thanks to everyone who came out to check out our performance at Franklin Street Works last Thursday. We had so much fun performing and sharing our music and visuals with you. Special thanks to Franklin Street Works for hosting us and our friends! Please friend us on The Moon’s facebook page to learn about upcoming events.

For those of you who couldn’t make it out, check out this video taken by Franklin Street Works. This was one of our instrumentals called “Olive”. The photo above was taken by Jackie Alcayaga.

YouTube Preview Image