Spontaneous Love Letters



“Happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary manipulation and shallow interpretation of romance day!!”

This is the phrase that I have (half-jokingly) uttered on February 14th for probably the last 20+ years of Valentine’s Days.  I always loved to hate this day whether I was in or out of a relationship. The image above was something I created back in 2007 expressing just that. While it’s always nice to be surprised with a bouquet of rusty colored roses (a personal favorite of mine), or a spontaneous road trip or love letter, I would be evermore excited to have them turn up on an unassuming day in my life when I’d least expect it. It has always meant more to me that I was thought of just because I was thought of, and not because a date on the calendar reminding you to do so.

However, things always morph and change over time. Maybe it’s because I’m older or maybe it’s because of this crazy guy that adventures with me through life and love…

Color Me Rad

…but, I’ve definitely loosened my grip of distaste for this tradition because in the end, it is all about love, and how can you really dislike something that celebrates that?  I think the important thing is to remember to celebrate love more broadly and whenever possible. In other words, just do something nice for someone because you can. And of course, don’t forget to treat yo’ self too!!

I’ve been treating myself to a melty heart playlist all day and wanted to share it with you!

So folks. “Happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary manipulation and shallow interpretation of romance day!!”  I love you guys. Thanks for being my inspiration every day!  Found these amazing vintagey monster valentines and I’m in love. Remember the cute valentines you used to give everyone in your class in kindergarten? I remember some hilarious designs from the 80s. I miss those. Enjoy and have a beautiful day!

VDay Monsters


Jumpstart: I Love It


Screen shot from David Wilson’s animated music video, “Do I Wanna Know” by the Arctic Monkeys.

Over the weekend, Jeff Schram introduced me to two videos that I knew would be perfect for my Monday “Jumpstart” column, “Do I Wanna Know” and “I Love It”. These two weird and wacky videos are super well created and both completely different from each other in terms of styles & techniques. We’re starting to collect strangely awesome videos to possibly showcase in a future drive-in style projection party. More on this coming soon!

“Do I Wanna Know” by the Arctic Monkeys, is a beautifully illustrated line-drawn animation created by David Wilson.  Scroll to 1 min 30 seconds to really see where the animation goes.. really great stuff!

“I Love It” by Postino, Directed by Will Kindrick is a crazy music video that I’m really digging the editing on, as well as the concept. Sure to make you smile. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean.

If you are in need of a Monday shake of inspiration on this dreary day like I am, then take 5 minutes to check these out!

YouTube Preview Image



I’ve also been completely and utterly obsessed with some Beck & Charlotte Gainsbourg collaborations lately so I feel it only appropriate to share here for an added dose of inspiration. I can’t get enough of this song and all the others from these sessions. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image



Happy Spring!


Warmer weather and sunny days are upon us and I’m getting excited for participating in more craft fairs and events as the weeks roll on. I was reading Etsy for some inspiration this morning and thought it would be fun to answer some questions that were featured when they were portraying one of their artists. So here is a little self-portrait exercise that I decided to put together on life in and out of the studio. Enjoy!