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Fate Loves the Fearless


There have been a few moments in the last month, where I think I’ve experienced a magnetism pulling me in a new direction, some sort of “sign”. Or maybe it’s not a “sign”, maybe it’s a higher perception that we synchronize with for a moment and feel a new kind of clarity. Whatever it is, I felt it. And this time I decided to act on it without fear of change holding me back.

I’ll be turning thirty-four in 3 weeks (on the island of Anguilla no less!) and I see this as a turning point in my life and in my career. Time to make moves and shake things up. The Flaming Lips sung a song that struck a chord with me a few weeks ago when they sung, “All we have is now…” One of the most beautiful and exhilarating live performances I’ve seen in awhile.

Over the last few years I’ve really honed in on some skills that I’m passionate about and have wanted to focus my life on entirely. Video editing, after effects animation, motion graphics, live performance art and video installations. I love being around crazy vibrant people who live and breathe creativity daily. I love traveling around the world and exposing myself to this beautiful place we live in while creating art inspired by those experiences. I know all of these things brings out the best in me, and I want to invite more of that into my life on a daily basis in the coming year.

A whole new life is cultivating here and it all starts now!  Wish me luck as I charge forward with a headful of new ideas for my future. The future is now!


A Crash Course on the Anatomy of Robots


Hey Everybody!  

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be VJing two very unique shows this week.

My good friend Kent Evans, who happens to be a super talented author, musician and poet has just launched his second book (and soundtrack for the book) called, “A Crash Course on the Anatomy of Robots”.

This unique performance includes the author reading in addition to live music & visual performances. Kent Evans will play guitar, Laura Wilson will be on violin, Andrew Trudeau will join in with multiple instruments and I will be mixing live visuals.

Please join us for a reading at Bluestockings book store in NY on Tuesday, September 18th, from 7-9pm, and then at White Rabbit for the after party for the music & visuals.

If you’re a Stamford local, you’ll have a chance to check out the performance on Thursday, September 20th, from 5:30-7pm.

Click here for more details.

Kent Evans’ A Crash Course on the Anatomy of Robots is a gripping action-adventure novel inspired by personal events in the author’s life. Evans’ explains, “The books is sort of a love song to being an artist, travel, the death of my parents, and disastrous relationships.” The main character, Damien Wood, is a young man whose lived his life as a mere robot, hurling himself with abandon from place to place and from one hollow commitment to another. It is only after a series of tragedies that Damien’s full spectrum of emotions start to emerge, which sends him to Asia on a dark odyssey of self-revelation. The book has been widely praised, including Inés Ferrero Cándenas observation, “Crash Course travels on the wings of poetry, autobiography, relationships and humor to cross-examine modern reality and cultural rebellion.” Kent Evans also collaborated with musicians for an original soundtrack accompanying the book, available now on iTunes. 

Here is a music sampling of what to expect!  Hope to see you there!

Coming soon! Soul Seasons to be projected on the outside of a building at the LAMP Festival in New Haven + a special VJ performance at the A Gallery in Martha’s Vineyard.


Debut of The Moon


Thanks to everyone who came out to check out our performance at Franklin Street Works last Thursday. We had so much fun performing and sharing our music and visuals with you. Special thanks to Franklin Street Works for hosting us and our friends! Please friend us on The Moon’s facebook page to learn about upcoming events.

For those of you who couldn’t make it out, check out this video taken by Franklin Street Works. This was one of our instrumentals called “Olive”. The photo above was taken by Jackie Alcayaga.

YouTube Preview Image


The Moon


Hi Folks!  I have a new show announcement that I’m excited to tell you about…

On Thursday November 10th, a new collaborative performance project that I’m working on, The Moon, will be debuted locally at Franklin Street Works. FSW is a not-for-profit art space and cafe that recently opened in downtown Stamford, CT.

I’m performing with musician Jeff Schram who will be filling the atmosphere with his original acoustic songs, heightened by electronic elements, vocals & digital manipulation. I will be cooking up a visual cocktail of projections and real time camera effects live, and together we aim to transform the space into a colorful dreamworld of visionary motion, art & sound.

If you are local, please join us!

Click here to RSVP on Facebook

Here are the details:

Franklin Street Works
Thursday Nov. 10th, 6PM-7PM
Franklin Street
Stamford, CT