Grand Opening of the Danger Gallery


Hi Friends!  It has been quite a few months since I last posted on this blog because I have dedicated myself and every free moment towards building the Danger Gallery that I spoke about earlier this year. Please join us for our grand opening exhibit, “Friends + Lovers” next weekend. Opening reception with the artists will be held on Saturday, October 22nd, from 7-9PM, located at the Danger Gallery in the Glenbrook Industrial Park at 652 Glenbrook Road in Stamford, CT.

The show, which opens with a celebration on Saturday, October 22, will feature work in a range of media by Toby Goodshank (illustrator and former member of the indie rock band Moldy Peaches), Adam Ace (landscape photographer), Mark Andreas (kinetic sculptor), Cris Dam (painter), Ruben Marroquin (fiber artist and weaver) Ben Quesnel (mixed-media artist), Liz Squillace (screen printer and mural artist), and Holly Danger (video artist). Indie folk duo The Moon will present a live musical and visual performance.

The gallery’s debut show, “FRIENDS+LOVERS” is a story of gratitude. It symbolizes the gratitude we feel for all the people and experiences that have helped shape us into who we are today. Considering the overwhelming fact that we could have been alive at any point in history, we are extremely lucky to share the same timeline of life. This show is a celebration of friends, both in person and in spirit, who have helped make the Danger Gallery a reality today.


The Danger Gallery’s mission is to promote artists and musicians through interdisciplinary, multimedia exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops, shaped by its dynamic, future-looking curatorial practice. Echoing the gallery’s name, the primary focus will be showcasing artwork that is unconventional, provocative, contemporary visual and graphic art, video installations, and live music performances. The Danger Gallery is a place where artists and art enthusiasts can be inspired by each other, expand their ideas, meet potential collaborators, and add vibrance to our creative community.

If you can’t make it to the gallery for our opening, don’t worry! While the gallery will only be open to appointments after the opening, we will be scheduling many smaller public events, talks and workshops which will give you the chance to come by and see the show. All artwork will be available for purchase at the show and will be exhibited until the show’s close on December 22nd.

Jumpstart: Feeling Good & Moody


I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  Even just four days of vacation feels like a complete mental refresh from where I was last week.  It just goes to show you how important it is to unplug – and by unplug I mean, sit on the beach and soak up some fresh air and sun!  These are things I don’t really get enough of, working in my editing suite day in and day out. You have to make time for that.

This week’s Jumpstart column is all about the visual goodness of pinterest and making mood boards!

I’m a late bloomer into the Pinterest world, having only joined earlier this year, but have found it to be incredibly motivating and inspiring in so many ways. I also find this site to be a totally necessary tool if you are a designer or artist of any kind. Never before have we had such an extensive resource of so much visual material all categorized digitally in one place. I think I used to use google image searches to do visual research – Pinterest is so much better! 

I primarily use this site for creating mood boards for future art projects. I often accidentally find myself searching for hours because each page never really has an ending point. It’s very addictive, but also very rewarding! You hit the search button and scroll down the giant library of images and it continues to reload 20 more amazing images, each more awesome than the next. I have lost so many hours of my life doing this!  But I’ve also gained a serious collection of ideas, color palettes, font options and visual references that have helped me when creating new work.

If you want to search the funnier side of pinterest, check out the site: Pinterest You Are Drunk, for all the super weird and crazy things that people have pinned.

In the last few months I’ve been signing up for random skillshare classes, which is a really affordable and super fun way to learn some new tips and tricks in a variety of fields. Classes usually run you twenty bucks and you get connected to a variety of other people who share your interests and can credibly give you feedback.

The most recent class I took was an illustrator class called, Digital Illustration: Communication with Color Pattern and Texture, by Brad Woodard. This class forced me to take time out from my regular routines of creating video and gave me a great opportunity to work on my vector-drawing chops. The first part of the class was purely just the art of sketching with good old pen and paper. As part of my initial research, I used pinterest to create a mood board for this project. The challenge was to visually illustrate the word “quiet” or the word “loud”.

I had been immersed in yoga classes at the time and decided to follow my inspiration into drawing poses and combining the image of yoga with nature to illustrate the word “quiet”. The images I pinned on my boards helped me to see patterns of what I was attracted to, because I would start to see similar images, or similar colors and textures. It also gave me a reference point to start drawing the body positions that I wanted to portray in the final piece.

Due to some unexpected family health issues at the time, I must confess that I have yet to finish my final illustration, otherwise I would be posting it here. However, here is a sample of what my notebook looked like as I started my initial sketching of ideas, along with some keywords I scribbled out to capture the intention of the piece. I intend to finish the piece this month and will be updating this post when that happens. That’s another great thing about skillshare, you can work at your own pace!

So for today’s jumpstart, I’d like to share with you my mood board for my illustration project. I’m in love with this particular board of images and would love to continue designing in these styles. I could seriously pin all day if I didn’t have deadlines to hit!

Do you use pinterest?  If so, what brings you to that site?  What types of images do you search for?

Please connect with my on pinterest if you haven’t already!  Happy Monday & Happy Pinning!