The Wind in My Face



I often feel like we’re all just restless souls running marathons around each other

We fill so much of our time with the act of being busy. Dodging the noise and spam of everyday life in efforts to excavate the minerals and moments of meaning that it holds. If you’re anything like me, you’re surrounded by a bright splash of confidence and forward motion highs most of the time, while often also hit with lazy lows, hazy skies and neutral mind weather.

I daydream and I wander to escape the mundane. I listen to music to quiet my mind. I do yoga to instill patience and I inject myself with a daily dose of caffeine to carry on. I don’t mean for it to sound dismal because I actually think it’s quite beautiful in its own way. It’s my way.

I’ve actually based a lot of my personal art on this. Common themes I like to explore being: contrast, extremes, duality, longing for something greater, and moments of break through. How many of us feel this way? Extreme impulses of unlimited motivation, later mixed with setbacks, reality and bills to pay. I know it’s not just me. As David Nichtern recently said in a lecture I was listening to, it’s our constant strive as humans for the balance of “heaven” and “earth”. The tangible life that we lead day to day, mixed with the spiritual balance of real true meaning and connection.

Sometimes I secretly wonder if my own personal duality and identity has anything to do with one of the names my parents were going to give to me when I was born. In the back of the baby name book was scribbled,“Joy Anger”. I would have been the culmination of two opposite extreme emotions with a name like that. But for some reason those ideas stuck with me anyway as Holly Danger.

Those dualities may also translate from my experience in holding down a corporate day job for years, while also exploring my journey as an independent artist. It hasn’t been easy to live both of those lives simultaneously but I’ve found my ways and I’m starting to see new paths emerge as a result.

Balance, harmony and alignment are some of my daily intentions in both life and design.

I’m gaining new inspiration for what this means for me this year. Like I said in an earlier post, I’ve had a particularly difficult time starting this year with a rejuvenated spark. The long winter exhausted my body, mind & ideas. The cluttered apartment that I’ve outgrown is my only home base right now and doesn’t lend itself to the inspirational space that I crave.

However, there is a spark that I’m starting to feel. That magic twilight moment of the day where new ideas are born and perspectives shift. You may not understand what I’m talking about right now, but you will. Perhaps it’s the promise of spring. Whatever it is, I’m here and ready to start over and absorb the rejuvenation and rebirth that the equinox brings and I hope you feel it too.






Jumpstart: Moving Forward


Still shot from super cool animated short film, LSD ABC by Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis.

You know that lethargic plunge that happens over the course of a typical Monday morning at work?  The kind of day that starts off a little sleepy and unmotivated, followed by consuming a river of coffee to try to pick yourself up, all while juggling deadlines and fending off the weekend’s hangover?  I know I’m not the only one!

I’m a little late into Monday to set this post in motion but here it is. A new idea has developed here on the Danger blog. I’ve always intended this space here to be a document of my work as an artist and my progressions over the years, but I also want it to be a sanctuary of inspiration for those of you who find your way here into my mind and thoughts.

I’m proposing an 8 week writing trial series to shake things up!

I intend to share with you some insight and inspiration every Monday called “Jumpstart”. Here you’ll find something sumptuous to start your week off. A creative nugget (curated by yours truly) of radical inspiration by way of animations, photos, video, adventures, art musings, and other crazy things I find and fall in love with. Hopefully this will be a creative kick start for the week to get everyone revved up and break the monotony of your typical Monday…and mine! See the last paragraph below to see my very first entry into today’s jumpstart.

I’ve also been desperately trying to find a way to incorporate more health and wellness in my life and on this blog. It’s not always easy while juggling a busy career as an art director, video editor, freelance designer, artist and VJ. There’s only so many hours in the day to do work for others and work on yourself. Personally I know I’ve always created the best work while keeping up with health goals and eating clean whole foods. So Wednesdays on this blog will now have a dedicated theme of “Creative Wellness”. Let’s put our best selves forward and see what amazing stuff we can create!

Lastly, my Fridays will be spent on pure “Visual Goodness”. My aim is to showcase my week’s story and adventures told in pictures every Friday. If I’ve had an incredibly boring week I’ll try and take screen shots of what I’m working on, or other such colorful, textural, photographic adventure in the Holly Danger world. There is a vast range, so this will be pretty interesting.

Now, if you’ve come this far, I present you with an awesome animation I came across this morning while checking out one of my favorite sites, Motionographer. If you’re interested in visual art, motion graphics, typography design, you should know about this site if you don’t already!

I am in love with vintage graphics & psychedelia more than I can ever explain.. the colors, the imperfections, the sounds, shapes and typography. Pure love in my eyes!  Motionographer introduced me to a new short film called LSD ABC by Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis, and now I’d like to share it with you for some Monday inspiration.

Please enjoy!





Happy Spring!


Warmer weather and sunny days are upon us and I’m getting excited for participating in more craft fairs and events as the weeks roll on. I was reading Etsy for some inspiration this morning and thought it would be fun to answer some questions that were featured when they were portraying one of their artists. So here is a little self-portrait exercise that I decided to put together on life in and out of the studio. Enjoy!