Spontaneous Love Letters



“Happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary manipulation and shallow interpretation of romance day!!”

This is the phrase that I have (half-jokingly) uttered on February 14th for probably the last 20+ years of Valentine’s Days.  I always loved to hate this day whether I was in or out of a relationship. The image above was something I created back in 2007 expressing just that. While it’s always nice to be surprised with a bouquet of rusty colored roses (a personal favorite of mine), or a spontaneous road trip or love letter, I would be evermore excited to have them turn up on an unassuming day in my life when I’d least expect it. It has always meant more to me that I was thought of just because I was thought of, and not because a date on the calendar reminding you to do so.

However, things always morph and change over time. Maybe it’s because I’m older or maybe it’s because of this crazy guy that adventures with me through life and love…

Color Me Rad

…but, I’ve definitely loosened my grip of distaste for this tradition because in the end, it is all about love, and how can you really dislike something that celebrates that?  I think the important thing is to remember to celebrate love more broadly and whenever possible. In other words, just do something nice for someone because you can. And of course, don’t forget to treat yo’ self too!!

I’ve been treating myself to a melty heart playlist all day and wanted to share it with you!

So folks. “Happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary manipulation and shallow interpretation of romance day!!”  I love you guys. Thanks for being my inspiration every day!  Found these amazing vintagey monster valentines and I’m in love. Remember the cute valentines you used to give everyone in your class in kindergarten? I remember some hilarious designs from the 80s. I miss those. Enjoy and have a beautiful day!

VDay Monsters


No Excuses No Regrets



I know I’m a little late to be writing my first post of the year, but truth be told I’ve had a hard time getting started.

I’m feeling mildly trapped in the throws of winter, contrasted by daydreams of my last tropical excursion. How do we all manage to balance these emotional swells and swoons of everyday life while everything is so cold and frozen outside? I’m finding it difficult to focus lately and defer to spending most of my time cozied up at home, listening to Beck, baking cupcakes, playing guitar and trying new crockpot recipes while wearing furry knit hats and scraggly handmade scarves. That’s just how I do.

So on this Wednesday in February, I’m sitting here now, hiding from the world in the warmth of of my apartment and working from home. I’m burrowing under blankets and gazing at the snowy wonderland outside, wondering when we’ll get another wink from spring. We’re forced to slow down in weather like this, taking a break from the usual routines. I’m sipping a hot mug of tea and honey and can hear my boyfriend playing acoustic guitar faintly in the background. He doesn’t know I’m listening, but I’m loving every moment of it. Makes me feel this grounded sense of home and love.


Being here is also making me reflect on my past and future months. I’m not quite sure where the road ahead is leading but instead of floating along I want to carve into it and illustrate the world I crave to see myself living in.

One of the things that has been tough for me lately has been the lack of a studio space. I had grown to really love having an art studio to retreat to whenever I wanted to play with a crazy idea. At the moment, it’s just me and my laptop and my studio is still packed away into dozens of boxes and taking over an entire spare room in our apartment. I had never anticipated this many months going by without having access to all of that stuff. I had also geared up for moving, switching jobs and a whole bunch of other changes that would propel me forward with flying force into 2014. However, the reality of the situation is, sometimes things don’t work out the way you think they will, and the best understanding that I can take away from it is we only regret the chances we didn’t take.


I’m looking forward to letting go of this winter, making room for spring, finding a new studio, embarking on new adventures and having a fresh outlook of creativity. Thanks for continuing to support my art on etsy, coming to my visual shows and for following me on the Danger blog. You can expect to hear a lot more from me and I look forward to sharing with you!



Inspired by the hauntingly beautiful music of the Cutlery ladies and the poetic words of Nick Cave. I created this piece with an old wooden frame & collaged imagery found from fashion photos from around the world. It almost came together in a seemingly unconscious way, and became an animated photo album that expanded from the corners of my imagination. The photography was altered, animated, arranged and woven into these treasured memories. This piece was created to be projected during the Cutlery’s live performance of this song, and was debuted on the four walls of Monkeytown last Friday night. Looks like we’ll have another gig there in June!!

San Francisco March 09


San Francisco in a four day glance:

Sunny, brisk, energetic, bellowing light, ocean, colored, gritty city hills, homeless, bold coffee, honey-fruit plates & tea lounges, wine & dinner talking to bartenders and travelers, solo wandering, cameras, old friends, dukatis in the street after ethiopian food, scooters in soma, fantastic fashion & tattoos, geekgasms at multimedia mezzanine show, amoeba, celebrity sightings, architecture, trolleys, parks, love, haight and art gallery hostels with barefoot patrons..

My trip recently fueled a new little video piece, and I wanted to share it here:

 The Haight was breathing with gritty, hot, fantasies that day. It’s a nostalgic place full of history, fashion, and subtle unmentionables. Along the outskirts of dirty memories and coastlines that linger, someone is always willing to tell you stories over scotch in the evening, and put a flower in your hair as you undress the sunlight.

Mostly found footage collected from very many obscure locations, mixed with my textures & experiments.

The song is called Lust, by the Raveonettes.