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Artwalk, Studios & World Domination



Hey guys… I have some news!  I’m ridiculously excited to say that after two long years of having my studio packed up in boxes and stored in a spare room in my attic apartment….

I have finally found my new studio!!!!!!!!

I never saw this one coming, but I have decided to buy a place with a dedicated loft, which will be the new permanent home for the Danger studio!! Gasp! Crazy right?! As a stereotypical sagittarian who is bad with finances and permanence, this is certainly the largest purchase of my life. (The next will be my dream of owning a VJ van… more on that later!)

I have been super busy packing up my beloved multi-colored apartment that I’ve lived in for over 10 years and am getting ready to kick into the next journey. I’ll be moving at the end of July and really could not be happier. This also means that I will not be taking on any additional freelance projects until August/September, once I am settled into the new studio. Lately all I’ve been doing is nothing but juggling the day job, mortgage paperwork and ArtWalk preparations – but now that the Artwalk is over I can really focus on packing up and moving out.

Speaking of which, thanks so much to everyone who dropped by to see me and support my video and print work at the Stamford Artwalk.  If you missed it, the next time you find yourself on Bedford Street, you can still catch my art exhibit on display at Lorca until the end of August.

Lorca Artwalk

The very last of my Danger t-shirts are on sale there as well. There are only 8 left and will probably not be made again after they are gone. I plan on creating a whole new line this year to replace them.

If you are interested in checking out or purchasing any of the prints that I was selling outside during Artwalk, please check out my etsy shop. For an extra 10% off, use coupon code SUMMER until August 1st. All proceeds will be supporting the new studio!!

We had a blast, setting up multiple video projectors downtown Stamford at the Palace Theater on Friday and on the side of the library on Bedford Street on Saturday night!  Check out a few photos that were captured in action below. It all worked out so well that conversations have already begun spinning ideas on how we can continue bringing this type of work to downtown throughout the summer. Stay tuned!

Here is a shot of my animation “Soul Seasons” on the Palace Theater.

Soul Seasons_Palace_Artwalk

Here is a shot of our projection on the library on Bedford Street. Photo by Michael Lupinacci.


Below is a snapshot from the Stamford Artwalk during our first year of projections in 2013. Photo by Distilled Minds.

Downtown Stamford Artwalk

Next up, I’ll be heading to one of my favorite cities, for my yearly respite to Portland, Oregon. I’ll be a first time attendee at the World Domination Summit. It’s a conference for creative entrepreneurs of all kinds and showcases a ton of my inspirational heros. I’m desperately in need of a recharge and there is no better place, in my opinion, than Portland, my creative haven soulmate city! Feel free to connect with me out there if you are in the area or at the event!   I’ll be out there from July 10th-July 15th and I can’t wait to have Mt Hood in the visible distance again!!!


Stamford Artwalk – Coming Soon!



Two weeks from today will be the opening of the first ever Stamford Artwalk! 

The event is free and kicks off Friday night, June 14th from 6-9PM and continues all day Saturday June 15th from 10-7PM.

Over 36 participating stores, restaurants and galleries will be showcasing 95 local artists. Check in at the Spring Street Artwalk registration booth to obtain an artwalk map so you can easily find all the exhibits.

I’ll be setting up a Danger Exhibit at the location of the recently closed Sundance Café at 105 Broad Street. This will be called Gallery on Broad on the Artwalk map. I’ll be exhibiting new art on canvas, prints, jewelry and shirts for sale!  You can also expect there to be some live music by one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Jeff Schram, and we’ll serve some wine & cheese (the proper art house party foods of course!)

As the sun goes down, make sure you check out my video installation that will be set up outside across the street!

I’ll be installing what I think might be the first-ever outdoor video projection in Stamford, CT.

My animation, Soul Seasons will be projected on the wall outside of Stamford Dental Group. So, stop by to see me, grab a drink at Zaza and then go see it!

Lastly, there will be a great exhibit at the Old Town Hall Museum which exclusively focuses on art that has been created with your iPhone or iPad.  I’ve donated my latest piece to this show which is a large instagram mosaic that I’ve called “Taken”. Make sure to go visit that one – if any of you readers have hung out with me in the last two years during “instagram worthy moments” I may have immortalized you in my piece!

For more information on the ArtWalk, check out their press release, email me or feel free to leave a comment here.

Hope to see everyone in a couple weeks!



The Making of Soul Seasons



I’m happy to announce that I just finished editing my behind the scenes video for my animation, Soul Seasons, that I created last August, 2012.

It took me all of last summer to create the animation from start to finish. From storyboard to exhibition. This video that I’m releasing here today showcases 3 months of work that went into making the piece, boiled down to 3 minutes. It shows my creative process and a little taste of what it was like to be working inside the Danger studio.

I’m proud to say that Soul Seasons will be exhibited at the Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach, FL on June 7-8th, 2013. It will also be exhibited at the first ever Stamford Art Walk on June 14th-15th in Stamford, CT.

Stamford Art Walk


Coming up on June 14-15, Stamford will be hosting it’s first ever Art Walk all over the downtown area. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be exhibiting five 24″ X 24″ colorfully dangerous pieces of mine printed on canvas and I’ll even be installing a video projection of ‘Soul Seasons’! Locations are yet to be determined but I’ll let you know just as soon as I do!

I’m thrilled to say that this will be ‘Soul Seasons’ debut showing in Stamford. The piece will be traveling to the Digital Graffiti festival in Alys Beach Florida the weekend before and has been showcased in Bridgeport for City Canvases, at the LAMP festival in New Haven and at the “A” Gallery in Martha’s Vineyard.

Over 30 merchants and galleries have agreed to host local artists to showcase and sell their work during the Art Walk. And while you’re checking out the art you’ll also get a chance to hang out and meet the artists.

Please check back here for more details on the Art Walk and definitely stop by to say hi while I’m exhibiting! Lastly, if you’re interested in hearing more about these events as they come up, please sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already! I send out very infrequent emails, and only when I have exciting news to share. Don’t miss out. Cheers!

Soul Seasons at Digital Graffiti


Three years ago I heard about a little oasis in Florida called Alys Beach from friend and fellow artist Shantell Martin. Therein lies a very unique festival called Digital Graffiti which she has headlined (quite a few times) with her beautiful live-drawing performances.

Each year’s festival attracts digital artists, filmmakers, musicians, interactive designers, photographers, VJs, producers, celebrities, agency executives and fans of art, technology and architecture.

According to their website:

“Digital Graffiti is the world’s first projection festival featuring artists, using the latest technologies to project their original works onto the town’s iconic white walls.”

With nearly 200 submissions from countries including England, Portugal, France, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Serbia, South Korea, Sweden, Japan, Cambodia, Poland, Ireland, India, Brazil, Spain, Taiwan, Iran, Ukraine and the USA, Alys Beach announced that my animation, Soul Seasons, is one of 23 finalists who will exhibit and compete at the Sixth Annual Digital Graffiti Festival.

Prizes will be awarded in various categories and judged by a panel of art and industry experts. The winning categories include Best of Show, Most Innovative, Most Experimental Submission, Best in Florida-Homegrown, Best Animated Submission and Curator’s Choice. All winners will be announced on the evening of June 8th at Caliza Pool.

I’m really looking forward to be a part of this festival, meeting the other artists and finally getting to check out the Alys Beach community. It’s not often you come across a festival that honors video artists in this way. Hopefully this type of event will inspire more like it to happen in the future.

Wish me luck with Soul Seasons, and check back for updates!

To learn more about Digital Graffiti, check out this great video:





Light Artists Making Places


Anyone who knows me, knows that one of my main priorities in life is travel with my art.

I love the concept of sharing my work with people in different cities around the world and seeing them transform and create new meanings when installed in different environments.

Friday, October 5th, my animation “Soul Seasons” traveled to New Haven, CT for the L.A.M.P. (Light Artists Making Places) Festival 2012 for a one night installation.

We were lucky to get an unseasonably warm evening so there was lots of activity around the 9th square and dozens of artists exhibited work installed in various spots around town, as well as dancers running around and lots of live music in the air.

Soul Seasons was exhibited on the rear bank lot at 55 Church Street and I’m very proud to say this was the largest I’ve ever seen my work. It makes me want to keep going bigger!  I also really enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by that night and I hope you stay in touch with me here!  I gave out a lot of blinky lights and holly danger stickers so I hope that caused you to land on this page to say hi.

If you missed the fest, or if you want to check out how it looked, here are some images of Soul Seasons documented from the L.A.M.P. festival. Photos by Boret Lonh. More to come, including some video clips by me!

Also to come – Stay tuned for a “Soul Seasons Making Of” video!!!  I hope to get it out by the end of the month!



Thanks to everyone who came out that night to support!!! It was so wonderful to have my friends there!!

Soul Seasons at the LAMP Festival


Friday, October 5th from 8-11PM
, the Ninth Square of New Haven will light up with video installations, music, dance, performances and all sorts of glowy stuff. It’s the 2nd Annual L.A.M.P. Festival (Light Artists Making Places)  I just took a walk around the square on Tuesday where everything is scheduled to happen, and it sounds like it is going to be an incredibly fun night of creativity, art and festivities.  This is only the 2nd year in it’s existance but it has already doubled in size with the amount of artists participating and events going on that night. Shops will be staying open late, bars will be overflowing with live music and shops will decorate with storefront exhibits.

I’m proud to say that my video, ‘Soul Seasons’ will be taking over one of the buildings downtown that night at 55 Church Street in the rear lot. It’s a huge white brick building and I think it makes for a great location to exhibit. It will be right between Artspace (50 Orange St) and LAMP Headquarters at the bank (45 Church Street).

If you missed Soul Seasons at the City Canvases exhibit in Bridgeport last month, now is your chance to check it out. 1 night only. It’s free and will be a super awesome night. Come join us in New Haven & support local arts.

If you haven’t seen it yet – check out the trailer for Soul Seasons!

That’s a wrap!


Thanks to everyone who came throughout the week, hung out with us, drank, danced, partied, helped set up & break down, promoted, photographed, participated and supported Soul Seasons!!! You guys are awesome!!! I had so much fun and truly appreciate everything.

Special thanks to:

Flippy JeepJeff SchramPaula OrtegaLiz SquillaceAaron GarovoyMark HeneksVerónica VixenPeter LenahanVerónica VîxenRuben MarroquinJ.e. MoxhamAmy IrishBarbara AnnDiane AngerChristopher ScalziChris Anger, Christopher Daddio, Margaret Bodell, Marion Schrade and the BA+CC, City Canvases, the Barnum Publick House.. the list goes on to all my amazing friends.

The animation itself will not be available online for awhile, as I’d like to only make it available for public installations at the moment, but stay tuned! I will be posting a behind the scenes video montage to show what went in to the making of Soul Seasons over the last four months.

Thanks to everyone for your continued words of support, encouragement & love.

Soul Seasons Closing Party – Tuesday, August 7th



Pictured above: Aaron Garovoy, Holly Danger, Veronica Vixen

Thanks so much for everyone who came out to see Soul Seasons!! This piece means a lot to me for many reasons and I am very happy to have been able to share it with so many people.

The good news is, if you missed the launch, you can still catch the video. I’m planning on having a closing party for anyone who wants to come out and join me on the last night of it’s installation. A few folks asked me if I would VJ so I have decided to add that into the festivities.

Please join us Tuesday August 7th from 9-11pm at 1330 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT.


Soul Seasons – 1 week until the launch!


1 week until the launch of Soul Seasons! I’ve poured a tremendous amount of energy and imagination into this piece and I hope you’ll all come out and watch it with me as it goes up next Thursday. It has been a labor intensive challenge for me to do while also having a full time day job and a life that doesn’t involve being behind a computer 24/7, but it has been worth every second.

I can’t say that I’ve worked on a single piece like this in awhile where it has been 100% all my own. After months of working in my studio and obsessing over every detail I can say that still to this day that no one has seen any part of this video yet. I have not shown a soul. I have only posted a few still shots here and there in the digital world so you can see a snapshot of what is in store.

With only a week to go I’m still not sure if I will show this to anyone yet. I like the idea that it is a direct reflection of what has come out of  my creativity in being completely solitary with my thoughts. Creating this piece has been meditation for me, and I hope you will love it as much as I do.