the fez

Fate Loves the Fearless


There have been a few moments in the last month, where I think I’ve experienced a magnetism pulling me in a new direction, some sort of “sign”. Or maybe it’s not a “sign”, maybe it’s a higher perception that we synchronize with for a moment and feel a new kind of clarity. Whatever it is, I felt it. And this time I decided to act on it without fear of change holding me back.

I’ll be turning thirty-four in 3 weeks (on the island of Anguilla no less!) and I see this as a turning point in my life and in my career. Time to make moves and shake things up. The Flaming Lips sung a song that struck a chord with me a few weeks ago when they sung, “All we have is now…” One of the most beautiful and exhilarating live performances I’ve seen in awhile.

Over the last few years I’ve really honed in on some skills that I’m passionate about and have wanted to focus my life on entirely. Video editing, after effects animation, motion graphics, live performance art and video installations. I love being around crazy vibrant people who live and breathe creativity daily. I love traveling around the world and exposing myself to this beautiful place we live in while creating art inspired by those experiences. I know all of these things brings out the best in me, and I want to invite more of that into my life on a daily basis in the coming year.

A whole new life is cultivating here and it all starts now!  Wish me luck as I charge forward with a headful of new ideas for my future. The future is now!


Tomorrow Night – VJing at the FEZ



If you are downtown Stamford tomorrow (Thursday night 8/5) for the last Alive at Five series – Drop by the FEZ afterwards and grab a glass of wine with me – I’ll be mixing up some live visuals for their local Thursday night DJ and will be there from 10PM-1AM. No cover.

For those of you who haven’t been, the FEZ is a great little moroccan restaurant & wine bar that recently opened up downtown Stamford across from Barcelona. Personally, any place with wine & dark red walls immediately captures my heart. Quoted as being, ‘Stamford’s best kept secret. A Soho/Greenwich village style lounge in a cool & diverse artist friendly environment’ – They have an impressive selection of vino (try the Malbec.. Mmm!), traditional moroccan dishes, and a stage in the back for local artists and musicians to entertain. Every week they have a different variety of music, DJs, bands, belly dancers, ‘bring your own vinyl’ night and acoustic open mic nights.

I’m excited to say that I’ll be joining the Fez for my second show there since VJing for Mantyhose & DJ Killamonjaro a month ago. This will be a great night out prior to my Studio Opening party, so get ready!!  – And definitely stop by Thursday night to say hi.